Success 4 (Recreational)

Success 4 - Safety and comfert

The SUCCESS 4 is more than just a new addition to the popular SUCCESS family: its outstanding level of safety - far exceeding the general protector certification criteria – makes it something special. Its perfect seating geometry and a stylishly clean silhouette recommends this modern sports harness to those leisure and cross country pilots who value comfort combined with low aerodynamic drag.


Three protectors for maximum safety


SUCCESS 4 safety reaches new heights: the main protector extends far up the lower back. From there another foam protector continues up the spine to the shoulders. For the first time side impact protection from German protector manufacturer SAS-TEC is included in the design.


Perfect seat geometry


The SUCCESS 4 specialises in maximum comfort. The latest 3D development methods have produced a harness which fits the human frame to ergonomic perfection. Two foam protectors and the familiar ADVANCE comfort foam support not only the lumbar region, but all of the back in flight.

Tailored outline for ideal aerodynamics


The SUCCESS 4 scores with an exceptionally compact shape and slender silhouette, even though there are two additional protectors inside. A smooth and stress-sharing design guarantees the cleanest aerodynamics - for a total weight from only 3.9 kilos.

Other Important details

  • 2 side pockets (both with attachment loops for cameras etc.)
  • Velcro on the shoulder harness
  • Shoulder harness suspension points
  • Can take front container
  • Reliable 2-buckle-closure-system
  • Drink tube routeing
  • Internal pocket in back pocket for drink system

Success 4 - Technical Details

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