Iota - Easy Performance

ADVANCE launches the new IOTA Series, a High-Level EN B glider for ambitious cross-country pilots. Featuring an optimized, low-weight design, the XC-Intermediate IOTA represents the most accommodating balance between performance and piloting ease within the entire ADVANCE product range. The high performance capabilities of the IOTA open the door to the world of long cross-country flights.

Quality Lightweight Technology

There is now a new light category. Thanks to computationally modelled lightweight structure design techniques, the IOTA weighs only 4.45kg ( 23m2 size). And yet the IOTA is a robust and durable product thanks to the material choice of Skytex 32 and 38 from Porcher Sport. The low weight of the canopy improves takeoff behaviour, considerably increases passive safety, and contributes to direct handling.

Exceptional passive safety

The IOTA features a low minimum flying speed. Approach to the stall is clearly communicated to the pilot via clearly progressive brake pressure. This is all the result of an optimal air intake design. Low IOTA canopy mass means low wing inertia, and an overall compact concept contributes to the reassuring character of the IOTA. All these factors contribute to the IOTA's high safety level.

Maximum Performance

Detailed simulation and stress analysis enabled us to engineer the double 3D shaping and surface ballooning to the greatest advantage. The result for us; an even smoother wing surface and more shape stability – looked at from every direction. Your result: even more performance. The IOTA's balanced compactness and a carefully-chosen pitch-stable profile mean that you can always make the most of the wing's potential – in real-life conditions.

Iota - Technical details

IOTA 23262830
Flat surfacem223262830
Projected surfacem219.221.623.324.9
Recommended takeoff weightkg60-8575-10090-115105-130
Glider weightkg4.454.855.155.45
Aspect ratio5.
Projected aspect ratio3.
Projected spanm8.659.159.459.75
Trim speedkmh38.5 (+/-1)38.5 (+/-1)38.5 (+/-1)38.5 (+/-1)
Max. speedskm/h53 (+/-2)53 (+/-2)53 (+/-2)53 (+/-2)
Number of cells59595959
Number of risers3+13+13+13+1

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