PG1 Course – The beginning

PG1 Course – The Start of the Journey

The PG1 Course is the first 6 flights towards your full pilot rating or PG2.

The PG1 is great if you are still unsure if you want to do a PG2 course. It allows you to get a feel for the sport and achieve a minimum of 6 flights from the training hill. If you have limited time, maybe you are on holiday in Queenstown, or you can only get a few days off work then the PG1 could be for you.

Lasting approximately 2 days, the first day of the course is the intro day course. On day 2 our instructional team will continue to work with you on the training hill and refine your launch and landing skills through your PG1 flights.   There will also be some theory which includes taking the PG1 written test, which again is closely guided by our instructors.

Following completion of PG1, students may choose to continue with their PG2 license.

Course Syllabus:

  1. Correctly unpack/pack the paraglider and harness and correctly lay out the paraglider.
  2. Demonstrate the 5-point pre-flight check.
  3. Demonstrate canopy establishment (inflation) - check, correct and take-off or cancel take-off.
  4. Have completed at least 6 satisfactory paragliding flights, showing consistently good take-offs, landings, and directional control.
  5. Be able to land in a standing position.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of hard landing technique.
  7. Demonstrate a safe attitude towards paragliding.
  8. Kept an accurate up to date log book.
  9. Own or have access to a training manual.
  10. Satisfactorily complete the PG1 written exam.

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Price: 530 after the href="">Intro Day Course.

All equipment included. Introductory Gift vouchers available.

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Introductory Day

This is it, this is where it all begins, 3-2-1 and you’re air born! The 6-hour day will teach you the basics about the equipment and how to prepare it for flight, how to launch the glider, control it, and stop it. Then we will go to the Smiley face for training!



PG2 Course – Full Pilot

This course will teach you to become an independent pilot who is competent, relaxed and therefore safe, so you will enjoy all that paragliding has to offer for years to come.

Advanced Courses

Infinity Paragliding offers a number of Advanced Courses for people who have completed their PG2 Full Pilot License and are looking to further improve their skills in paragliding.