(XC) Cross Country Course

Cross Country (XC) Basics Course

Cross country paragliding is the essence of the sport and prior to `acro` paragliding was the main discipline. It has many variables including competition flying but the main aim is to take off at `point A` and fly as far as possible, usually downwind, to gain the biggest distance possible.

It is not inconceivable to be flying 20 – 50km flights within your first year if you focus your mind on learning the relevant skills, but like all skills, it takes time and effort. You have to be driven to succeed.

The first skill to learn is `thermalling.` Thankfully the Infinity School operates in a great location for thermal flying, therefore most of our students already have some thermalling skills when they achieve their PG2, however, thermalling skills can be covered more comprehensively on the course if needed.

Infinity XC courses are operated on `Coronet Peak` and `Treble Cone` ski field near Queenstown and Wanaka.

Treble Cone is `the` site in N.Z. for covering big distances and is also a great site for learning to fly XC as there are lots of safe and accessible landing options.

During this one to three day course (depending on your availability) you will cover:

  • Equipment for XC flying
  • Assessing the weather
  • Site selection
  • XC route selection
  • Preparing for flight
  • When to take-off
  • Coring and connecting the thermals
  • Speed to fly strategies
  • Competition flying
  • Safety

Contact us directly for availability of these courses. We can usually arrange times and dates to suit your needs.


Price: On Application

Introductory Gift vouchers available.

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