SIV Course

SIV Course Febuary 2024

Cromwell Otago NZ

Do you want to become a better, clearer, more decisive pilot ?

Do you want to perform better at XC flight ?

Do you want to be more confident in your ability to fly ?

And understand your position relative to the wing ?

Control of your mind - leads to control of your wing

Come with a curious and playful mind to discover more about your relationship to your wing.


Who is the SIV course for?

Any pilot wanting to perform at a higher level

Any pilot wanting to increase their safety margin

For a pilot who is willing to learn about their relationship to the wing, and the psychological blocks that limit themselves & increase their safety

You might have 20 hours after gaining your PG2, you might be flying for 7 years, the course is structured to the individuals needs

Its your first or second SIV

You should be completely autonomous (ability to forward and reverse launch, be on tow behind a boat, and land in both nil wind and cross wind).

Tow courses can be arranged before the SIV. -

Contact Para Tow - - Course dates 24-25 Jan and 13-14 Feb for 7 pilots each course


After the course?

You will come out of this course with a better piloting technique.

You will know how to better manage the pendular movements of your wing and the associated energy as well as manage possible flight incidents.

Our aim is that you continue to practice what you have learnt at the course, which will mean a certain level of mastery of roll and pitch.

Fly independently, working on everything you have learned in the course to continue your progression solo.


What do I need for a SIV course?

An approved wing

A paragliding harness with back protection

A reserve parachute that has been packed less than 6 months ago. If in doubt, do not hesitate to check with the instructors the day before or, better still, to have your parachute packed in advance before coming.

A helmet approved to the EN 966 standard (free flight helmet)

A charged radio

A pair of gloves

A NZHGPA licence or visitor licence

A NZ Payout Tow Pilot licence


What you get

A deeper understand of the 4 fundamentals - Trust your Harness - Dissassociation of your arms - Full use of the brake range - Situational awareness

Equipment check

Pre flight brief

Inflight instruction

Detailed video debrief

Opportunity to own your videos

3 days - 2 - 3 flights a day

continual assessment of flying conditions

All credit to FLYEO for the methods and philosophy of instruction.

After studying with Flyeo for 2 seasons, I now teach with them in Italy and Turkey in the European summer.

My gratitude to Fabien Blanco for his insight and vision of pilotage, and for Malin Lobb for his technical depth and patience in instructing me.

And both of their passionate search to make our sport safer and help us preform at a higher levels.



21-24 Feb
25-28 Feb
29-3 Feb-March
5-8 March

There are only 7 slots per course

The course is 2- 3 flights per day - over 3 days

We hold the 4th day in reserve for bad weather


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Will Durant