S.I.V. Collapse Course

S.I.V. Collapse Course

S.I.V. stands for `Simulated Incidence in Vol`, Vol being the French word for flight and where S.I.V. started.

These courses are designed for pilots to simulate possible situations they may experience during their flying and learning how to recover from and deal with it effectively. This is also why they are referred to as collapse courses, your glider collapses or spins in turbulence and you learn how to control the situation and recover the glider back to normal flight.

The S.I.V. courses are always operated over water with a safety boat, therefore if you cannot recover from a manoeuvre you land safely in the water, hopefully under reserve and you are retrieved by the boat.

You certainly don`t need to do an SIV course to enjoy your flying, but it is highly recommended if you intend to fly Cross Country (XC) , or have ambitions to become an `Acro pilot.` It will give you the confidence to control your wing in turbulence while flying in strong thermic conditions or will help you recover from an acro move that went pear shaped.

Many of the manoeuvres are also prerequisites for achieving a PG3 (advanced) license in NZ.

Manoeuvres covered include Big ears, asymmetric collapses + symmetric collapses with and without speed bar, pitch control, wing overs, b line stall, a line stall, pre-stall , full stall, tail slide, pre-spin, negative spin, spiral dive and reserve deployment.

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