PG3 Course – Advanced Pilot

PG3 Course – Advanced Pilot

The PG3 or Advanced Pilot license demonstrates you have a high level of piloting ability.

This license allows you to fly at advanced (PG3) sites and is the gateway to becoming a tandem paragliding pilot. The advanced pilot in NZ is just that because unlike many other countries you have to demonstrate S.I.V. manoeuvres and also achieve a 20km XC flight to attain your Advanced rating.

The PG3 takes a minimum of a year to achieve from passing your PG2. At Infinity we always want you to pass this course with style and that means competently achieving all the tasks in the PG3 syllabus. We ideally want to see a GPS tracklog of a great XC flight for 30k+ which of course equals good style!

This PG3 course teaches the New Zealand Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association PG3 syllabus:

  • Demonstrate ability to operate competently at high altitude or in mountainous terrainAbility to assess unfamiliar landing areas from the air
  • Ability to assess unfamiliar landing areas from the airAbility to determine wind direction during flight
  • Ability to determine wind direction during flight

Demonstrate the following:

  • Pendulum ActionWingover
  • WingoverSteep Spirals
  • Steep SpiralsBig ears
  • Big earsB line stall
  • B-line stall

Demonstrate the following (to be carried out over water):

  • 50% collapse (fast correction)
  • 50% collapse (correction after 180º turn)
  • Front horseshoe (optional)
  • Front stall
  • Pre-stall feel
  • Full stall
  • Rear riser stall (optional)
  • Pre-negative feel
  • Negative spin (opposite brake recovery)
  • Have held a PG2 certificate for at least 12 months
  • A total logged time of 50 hours & 250 flights
  • Have a documented thermal cross-country flight of at least 20km one way (Within New Zealand)
  • Have logged at least 5 flights taking off from high altitude
  • Have logged 10 flights with height gains in excess of 500 ft. above take-off altitude
  • Have completed soaring flights from more than 5 sites, each with a minimum duration of 30 minutes.
  • Obtain a minimum of 90% correct (OPMF31) & 90% correct (OPMF32) in less than 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Hold a current First Aid Certificate

There is not a specific course date for your PG3 which obviously takes time to achieve. Contact us directly and we can help you on your way with the S.I.V. and XC courses and also teach, assess and sign all the other syllabus requirements as you achieve them with our assistance.


Price: On Application

All equipment included.

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