About Infinity Paragliding School

About Infinity Paragliding School

Infinity are devoted to paragliding, it’s ingrained in our soul and spirit. We are dedicated to providing quality instruction so our students develop into proficient pilots. This inspires them to have respect and an understanding for aviation and therefore a great time paragliding for years to come.

Infinity are based in Queenstown and operate at some of the finest paragliding sites in New Zealand. The sites used for training offer a fantastic environment for learning with a 750m vertical height difference between take-off and the world class landing facility `The Flightpark`. As a result of this, students have more time in the air which translates to more time for learning and developing skills while under instruction.

We also have a range of other dynamic and thermal soaring sites which we use regularly to teach different techniques and inspire confidence. We aim to have you, the student, actively flying all the local sites prior to your PG2 being issued, including the Queenstown Skyline Gondola.

Once you have gained your PG2 there are an abundance of sites in the area, enough to last a lifetime!

So, the soul and spirit of the school is good, the sites are good, what about the instructors?

Who are the Infinity instructors?

Chris Connolly

Chris comes from a skydiving background where he learnt in a very progressive environment, and he brings this style of teaching to paragliding. As an experienced paragliding instructor, he is known for, helping, educating, and supporting students as they develop their knowledge and feel for paragliding.

His love & niche is Vol Biv, a strong XC flyer, and developing his competition and acro skills.
He has taken to the skies in many different countries around the world, but there's many more for him to fly yet.

Born in Wellington, he has been in the sport for 9 years, teaching for 6 of those at his school in Wellington.
Chris learnt to teach paragliding at Infinity Paragliding all those years ago, and now comes full circle to instruct in Otago again.

An active member of the Wellington club, Chris was the P.G.S.O. for 4 years and president from 2015 - 2018. 
As co-owner of Infinity Paragliding, Chris is amped to be able to introduce more people to this incredible sport.

Alan Swann - aka Swanny

Swanny`s passion for paragliding started in Europe in 1999 and developed in Queenstown a year later in 2000. He has been actively flying in New Zealand, especially the Southern Lakes region, ever since.

He has a great wealth of local experience instructing for 9 years and flying commercial tandems for 7 years. Over the past 16 years, he has gained an immeasurable knowledge of the local flying sites as well as acquiring a great understanding of the local weather patterns.

He currently enjoys `hike and fly` missions and looking for new flying sites throughout the South Island.

Prior to paragliding, he was a mountaineer, climber, skier, and caver, with many impressive ascents and descents to his name. In the winter he works as a Ski Patroller on Coronet Peak along with instructing and assisting his students to fly on the skifield.

For the last 3 years, he has been the "Paragliding Training  Manager for the NZHGPA" overseeing all training within New Zealand.  In 2007-2010 he was President of the Southern Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club.

Where are Infinity?

Infinity Paragliding are predominately based at the `Flightpark` between Arrowtown and Queenstown. To find the Flightpark, go to the Contacts section for directions. If we are not at the Flightpark give us a call, we will probably be flying somewhere!

Why Infinity?

`Infinity Paragliding School` is named after the `Infinite Tumble` and the fact that we offer no limits or boundaries to learning, infinite learning!!

The Infinite or Infinity Tumble is an advanced aerobatic flying manoeuvre. Check out the video below to see the Infinity in action!