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Season starts 16th November 2019 !

Paragliding Courses

Introductory Day

This is it, this is where it all begins, 3-2-1 and you’re air born! The 6-hour day will teach you the basics about the equipment and how to prepare it for flight, then you’ll get several 50m high flights from the `Training Hill`

PG1 Course – Beginner

The PG1 allows you to achieve high flights and get a feel for the sport. If you have limited time, maybe you are on holiday in Queenstown, or you can only get a few days off work then the PG1 could be for you.

PG2 Course – Full Pilot

This course will teach you to become an independent pilot who is competent, relaxed and therefore safe, so you will enjoy all that paragliding has to offer for years to come.

Advanced Courses

Infinity Paragliding offers a number of Advanced Courses for people who have completed their PG2 Full Pilot License and are looking to further improve their skills in paragliding.

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