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Paragliding Courses

Introductory Day

This is it, this is where it all begins, 3-2-1 and you’re air born! The 6-hour day will teach you the basics about the equipment and how to prepare it for flight, how to launch the glider, control it, and stop it. Then we will go to the Smiley face for training!



PG1 Course – Beginner

The PG1 course is all about Launching, Flying, and Landing your paraglider ! This will give you a “feel” for the sport. Youll complete your first real flights, and learn many other essential skills about Paragliding.



PG2 Course – Full Pilot

This course will teach you to become an independent pilot who is competent, relaxed and therefore safe, so you will enjoy all that paragliding has to offer for years to come.

Advanced Courses

Infinity Paragliding offers a number of Advanced Courses for people who have completed their PG2 Full Pilot License and are looking to further improve their skills in paragliding.

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26 reviews on
Jack Maynard
6. January, 2020.
I dont EVER leave reviews but felt I compelled. As infinity paragliding were simply incredible. they teach in a methodical and structured way. yet there teaching is bespoke and fully tailored to fully work with your personal needs. They helped me realise and overcome a mental block I had in progressing my flying. Both the instructors are obviously incredibly knowledgeable, but whats great is they share this knowledge in a clear straight talking, no nonsense way. Both instructors work really well as a team and are great fun to be around. simply put it's the best money I've ever spent. If youd like to learn to fly safely in a wonderful environment and have a blast doing it, youd be a fool not to pick Infinity Paragliding. Thanks again guys! See you in the air! Best Jack Maynard
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Ruben Hubner
3. July, 2018.
Did a small part of the PG2 last summer with infinity. The instruction was very good, very safe and stress free. The instructors were making me feel very comfortable at all times and also the gear was brand new! Best experience ever!
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Mamen Romero Berengena
26. April, 2018.
I did my PG2 last summer and I had a great time with Infinity Paragliding. The instructors are very knowledgeable about everything from Paragliding to weather assessment, they are also very patient making your learning very easy and stress-free. Very organized school with great gear. Thank you Cathal, Ben and Swanny, best time ever 😊
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Scott Foster
16. March, 2018.
Julian Fuchs
16. February, 2018.
Awesome staff and very talented and patient instructors!
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Samantha Stevenson
12. January, 2018.
These guys are true legends they took our quadriplegic son for an adaptive paragliding session. Amazing people making dreams a reality.
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Haim Haviv
17. December, 2017.
My son and I came halfway across the world to fly with Infinity, and I have to say it was worth every penny! Dedicated and kind service, super professional mentoring (thanks Swanny and Cathal!), trust-inspiring, and no compromise on safety attitude together with fantastic landscape views and great spirit constituted one of the most memorable experiences we've ever had. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!
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Joel Lakeesh Mittal
26. November, 2017.
Whether you're looking for an intro day to discover paragliding, few days of flights or to pass your PG2 license, you'll make the good decision to go with Infinity Paragliding. The most important is that they're passionate about teaching how to fly and pass on their knowledge. Everytime before and after flying, Cathal and Swanny will spend time to explain you everything from the steering of the glider, the exercises during the flight to the reading and assessment of the weather conditions. Great school with great gear, great organisation and great instructors and team of course!
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Georges de Lavallaz
25. November, 2017.
I just got an amazing time doing my PG2 with infinity paragliding. They gave me the passion that they have for paragliding. I recommend this school to everyone who dreams to fly with the birds.
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Janik Vagabund
24. November, 2017.
I just finished my PG2 and I had a awesome time with infinity. They have such a good vibe going on. The equipment and the instruction is first class. Big thanks to swanny and cathal and the rest of the crew. I can't recommend this guys enough. Get yourself ready and sign up. It's an awesome experience.
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