Progress 2 (Reversible)

Progress 2 - Reversible Harness

The PROGRESS 2 is the first reversible airbag harness to look as good as a conventional model. Only 3.5 kg light, no seatboard, built-in reserve provision and LTF certified airbag - the PROGRESS 2’s unique features make it the perfect all round solution for beginners, leisure pilots, travellers and Hike & Fly pilots alike.

Extremely light and long-lived as well

Weighing only 3.5 kg the PROGRESS 2 is the lightest inside-out harness with built-in reserve. But we’re not talking light harnesses here; the pilot does not have to worry about robustness and longevity. Even the outside of the rucksack is made from the same trusted Oxford fabric as the COMPFORTPACK. Minimal weight is achieved by sophisticated seatboardless design.


Ergonomic and Compact

The PROGRESS 2 continues the Advance seatboardless harness tradition. An ergonomic 3D-contoured supporting surface fits the pilot’s body like a second skin. This results in a high degree of comfort in flight, and exceptional freedom of movement on the ground. We’ve carried our philosophy into the rucksack mode. As an exceptionally snug-packing rucksack, it is very comfortable to carry, leaving the hiking pilot free to fully enjoy the original ethos of paragliding: Vol Libre!


Protection all round

The PROGRESS 2 protector passed its LTF test with flying colours, and can provide absolutely top protection values. The airbag fills very quickly after takeoff. As soon as operating pressure has been achieved air then feeds through to inflate the back compartment of the harness, backing up the protector function throughout flight and landing.


Compress Bag

ADVANCE introduces a compression bag so that the paraglider can be efficiently packed in the rucksack. The COMPRESSBAG replaces the usual inner bag and is ideal for the PROGRESS 2. Compact stowing makes a rucksack much more comfortable to carry.


Innovations and Features

  • Seat area that fits the body perfectly
  • Outstanding comfort when standing, moving around and taking off
  • Air-filled back area
  • High-scoring protector
  • Easy-adjust buckles
  • Adjustable sitting angle
  • Shoulder reserve suspension
  • Drink tube openings and securing points on the shoulder straps

Progress 2 - Technical Details

Pilot height cm 155 - 172 165 - 187 175 - 202
Seating width cm N.A. * N.A. * N.A. *
Seating depth cm N.A. * N.A. * N.A. *
Carabiner height cm ca. 43* ca. 46* ca. 48*
Carabiner distance cm 45-49 47-51 49-53
Weight kg 3.2 3.5 3.8
Rucksack volume lt 70 75 87.5
Load test EN 1651, 120 kg
Airbag certification LTF 91/09
Colours Harness black / red black/ maize
Rucksack anthrazit /red chocolate / maize

Progress 2 - Size Chart

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