Epsilon 8

Epsilon 8 - True Friendship

Perfectly balanced with unmistakeable looks. The new EPSILON 8 conveys a distinctive feel-good factor and glows with an ideal mix of precision, performance and safety. Unique quality and an innovative inner life transform this ADVANCE classic into a robust lightweight. Enjoy the spellbinding experience of flying the EPSILON 8 – true friendship awaits.

Relax and enjoy the thermals

The EPSILON 8 demonstrates a very successful combination of pitch and turn behaviour. Steering demands are answered directly and precisely. The EPSILON 8’s compact and stable canopy invites plenty of confidence from the beginning. Even in challenging conditions pilots feel calm and content, able to enjoy the thermals in a relaxed frame of mind.

Long life thanks to a unique high quality light structure

Not just very light, but downright robust as well: the EPSILON 8 gets attention with its unique choice of materials. Upper and lower surfaces are made of the normal strong European Porcher cloth. Inside the wing the latest technology from the OMEGA XALPS comes into play. Thus the EPSILON 8 weighs almost as little as a light wing, and even so has a long lifespan.

Modern technology delivers great performance

Many performance-enhancing new technologies are featured in the EPSILON 8. It was designed as a three-liner but has only one gallery level. This skimps on line metres and reduces drag. Precisely computed double-3D-shaping provides a super-smooth surface in the critical nose area, and supports the correct shape of the real-life profile.

Epsilson 8 - Technical Data

EPSILON 8   23 25 27 29
Flat surface m2 22.5 25 27 29
Projected surface m2 18.9 21 22.7 24.4
Recommended takeoff weight kg 55-75 70-90 80-105 95-125
Increased takeoff weight kg 75-85 90-100 105-120 125-140
Glider weight kg 4.15 4.45 4.95 5.15
Span m 10.75 11.35 11.8 12.25
Projected span m 8.25 8.7 9.05 9.35
Aspect ratio 5.15 5.15 5.15 5.15
Projected aspect ratio 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.6
Number of cells 45 45 45 45
Number of risers 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1
Accelerator travel max. cm 14.5 15.5 16 16.5

For More information about the Epsilon 8 click the following link: http://www.advance.ch/en/products/paragliders/epsilon-8/