Paragliding Bags

Infinity deal all models of Advance paragliding bags. Check out some of the models we retail below, especially the ever popular Tubebag.


The TUBEBAG is completely enclosed by its zipper and protects your paraglider from the outside world, while ensuring air circulation inside. The 2.8 metre long TUBEBAG is made from light and robust Ripstop fabric, together with ventilating netting.


  • Straightforward packing
  • Keeping the leading edge shape and promoting long life
  • Perfect storage thanks to
  • Protection from the outside world
  • Air circulation inside



  • Completely closable by zipper
  • Integrated riser pocket
  • Opening at the end of the zipper – convenient if the glider remains attached to the harness


Technical details

  • Length: 2.8m
  • Weight: 600g 
  • Colour: black/blue
  • Light, robust Ripstop fabric, in combination with ventilation netting


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The rucksack to match your equipment! The narrow and compact shape means that the weight in the COMFORTPACK 2 is carried perfectly on your back.


A choice of harness significantly affects the choice of rucksack size. In the following table we show you which rucksack sizes we recommend for an ADVANCE harness - depending on your own preferences.The pilot can decide whether he would rather have a compact rucksack which is very comfortable to carry, or a bigger rucksack with a lot of space for easy packing.

Size Chart



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